Making a Manga for a Pest Control Company

Manga is one of the leading comedy books in the world today. Ultimate Pest Control Services company contacted us early this month to create a Manga book that is based on what they do. Their main objective is to use to market their products and services to customers. We immediately took the deal and arranged a meeting to discuss all the details. Basically, the company wanted a manga that described their proven pest control services to customers in a language that is easy to understand and engaging.



Our team got down to work and developed an interesting story that revolved around a baking company that had for years been struggling to get rid of rats from their premises. We worked smart to include a dedicated section that described how the manager contacted the company and requested for their commercial pest control service package.

Story Line

The company sent its most highly qualified personnel to the client’s premises within two days. The baking company had to close shop for three days as the personnel worked. The main essence for doing this was to ensure that their operations do not interfere with normal running of the bakery. The smart pest control experts completed the project before the set time line and called in the company official to check if the work was satisfactory.

Benefits of Manga

One of the benefits of using Manga for marketing is that it helps to paint a positive image of the company to prospective customers. Most of the modern customers are more comfortable dealing with a business whose personnel are outgoing and friendly. It is very easy to paint such a positive image by using Manga. The cartoon figures that we will create will enable you to describe your services in a more engaging , easy to understand, and fun way. You cannot achieve the same exposure and popularity if you use the conventional methods of marketing.

Another main advantage is that Manga is close to the hearts of many people, hence by using it, you will increase your market base almost instantly.


We completed creating the manga within two weeks and sent it to the company for approval. It took them just one day to go through the book and after deliberation they agreed to purchase and use it as promotion material. Up to date, they have managed to issue it to over one thousands clients and promised to order more.

Benefits of Using Technology to Make Manga Characters

Gone are the days when artists had to draw characters from scratch manual before publishing it. The new technology has simplified the process of creating manga as evident from the many published works in the market.

Manga tech

Let us look at the benefits of using technology to create manga.

Saves Time

The process of creating one character using a computer software is economical on time. You do not have to spend the whole day changing the settings if you know what you are looking for. Just change the settings to suit the kind of character that you want and the software will do the hard work and give you a result in minutes.

Saves Money

Time is money, so it has to be well managed. By using a software, artists are not only able to save time but also money. This is because they are able to rely on one software to make countless manga within a short of period of time. The more quality manga one manages to make, the more money one earns once the manga is released into the market. However, the work has to be quality and creative to generate sales.

Easy to Share

Using technology and internet, artists are able to share their work with peers. For instance, you can share a draft of a manga character with one of your friends via social media or email to get their input before publishing the work.

Indeed, technology has redefined how manga characters are made and published. Use it to discover your hidden potential.



The Different Manga Genre


Manga is one of the most popular Japanese way of making comedy books. Just like the comic books, there are different genres used to classify this form of artistic work. Here is a brief outlook at these genres and their definitions.

Manga girl


This is a genre name that is used to describe manga books that target the young male enthusiasts. One of the highlights that you can use to identify books that use this genre is the content. It is created from the point of view of a male character who is at his adolescent stage. Some of the common topics that are discussed include sports, horror, romance, adventure, and the list continues. Simply put, it is more focused on alluring, robust, and violent characters.


This name is used to describe manga that revolves around love and intimacy. Most of the characters are at some point violent as they try to protect their lovers from enemies or competitors. It is also important to point out that this genre is not widely used due to the government regulations that in Japan and other conservative countries.


This genre is totally different from the previous two that we have discussed. This is because the artists target to capture the attention of adult women and men. This does not mean that the stories are not in line with unmarried people, no, college students can as well relate to the content as the theme and content is very mature.

Understanding the various manga genre will guide you as you shop for these books online or offline.

Ideas on How to Name Manga Characters

One of the things that you need to consider when creating a manga is the names to give each character. This is usually a daunting task to most artists. Here are some ideas to help you name them without breaking a sweat.


Choose Cool Names

Internet is one of the best places that you can find cool names for your characters. In fact, there are sites that have name catalogues, use their search feature to find names faster.

Famous People

Naming your characters after famous people will not only make your manga unique but also help to market it. Try to give the character a trait that best suits the famous person to make it realistic. Make sure that you do not use the same name in all your manga, unless of course you want to release a series. It goes without saying that using the same name over and over again will make your manga boring.

Names with Meanings

This is another ingenious ways of giving your manga a higher cutting edge in the market. There are thousands of manga in the market that you will be competing against. Simply look for names that have a meaning and use them. Go an extra mile and give the character a personality that is in line with the meaning of the name. However, you do not have to get it right, most people do not actually know the meaning of some names.

There you have it, these are some of the best ways of naming characters. Use them today to save time as you create your manga.

Pro Tips for Drawing Male Manga Characters

Drawing manga female characters is more complicated than female characters due to the many factors that you will have to keep in mind. The readers should be able to tell that a particular character is male or female before even reading their comments. Here are two tips that pros use to draw male characters.

male manga

What Kind of Male Character are you drawing?

In most manga books, it is very rare to see a female character who is not pretty, thin, and tall. On the other hand, the male characters are usually impish, short, ogreish, tall, and at times fat. Hence, you will need to consider the kind of male character that you want to use. For instance, if he is a geek, make him a little bit hunched over and the shoulders should be behind his head. An 8 head tall figure is also ideal if you want him to have the image of a dashing young man who is determine to conquer the world.

Body Figure

Most manga female characters have a body that curves around the stomach area and flare out around the hips. The male characters have torso, but there are not as curved as the female. You need to consider these two facts when drawing to do it right. For example, you can make the torso larger if you want to draw a beefy character.

Finally, you need to ensure that the legs have clear and curvy calves and block shape if you want to the character to have a masculine figure. After drawing, ask a friend to review your work before publishing to be sure that the characters resonate with your story line.

Panel Tips to Help You Create a Nice Manga

Creating a Manga is one of the best ways of selling your creativity skills to the world. Today, we will look at some paneling tips from professionals who have been in this industry for decades.

Should Relate With the Content

This is one of the most important aspects that you have to do right if you want your manga to sell. For instance, if one line hinders a main character from standing or popping out, delete it. If some of the frames are more important, focus more on them and preferably make them larger than the rest. Avoid overlapping the frames too much as this can confuse the readers. Simply put, find a balance between the content and the frames.


Pay Close Attention to Movement

The panels that you decide to use should be able to direct the viewer seamlessly. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself when designing the panels include, what do you want the viewers’ to see on the first? What will they see in the second and subsequent pages? Be sure to leave enough nagetive space to make the arrangement flow.


You can create depth using panels by coming up with a good layout. Consider this, if you were to erase all the content in the panel, would they still make sense and grasp the attention of the readers? The answer to this question will guide you in the right direction.

Finally, big panels and head-shots tend to attract more attention than the small ones. Use this fact to your advantage by first determining the most important things that the readers will see on each page.

Main Differences between Manga and Conventional Comic Books

Manga and comic books have helped exhume the creativity of many writers as well as help build brands. However, most people do not know that there is a huge difference between comic and manga books. Here are some of the main differences to help you choose the right one next time you walk into a bookstore.

Reading Direction

Most of the American based comic books are read from left to right, which is totally fine if you are used to reading them, but the Manga books are read from right to left. If you try reading them like the traditional comic books, you will definitely not understand the content.


This is perhaps one of the main difference between the two that you should keep in mind when shopping. Manga combines a wide array of generalizations, ideologies, stereotypes, as well as cultural references. The main essence of doing this is to make them ideal for the diverse readers’ needs and preferences.


Writers Involved

One manga book is usually written by one artist or writer who covers the story from the start until the end. On the other hand, comic books are developed by a team of writers and artists who more often than not keep changing the writer and theme every month to suit the content.

Easy to Animate

The style used by the artists to come up with the pictures make it easy for them to animate when creating films and cartoons. Comic book art is very complicated and time consuming.

Finally, most of the artists release a new manga every week while comic books tend to be released on a monthly or yearly basis.

Effects of Reading Manga Comic Books on Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important phases of personal wellness. It is recommendable to avoid medications as much as possible, as most are known to result in health complications after a few years. One of the safe ways of elevating your mental health is by reading Manga comic books more often. The modern ones are written creatively by professionals.

Relieve Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of mental health issues such as depression. It can also cause high blood pressure if not resolved on time. Reading comic books that are engaging has been proven to very effective in relieving stress. You do not have to read the entire book in one sitting, just one or two paragraphs per day is enough to keep you going.


Enhances Creativity

Creativity is one of the major attributes that you need to become a professional in any field. For instance, if you are in the marketing industry, you need to come up with creative ways of enticing customers to purchase your products. A good manga comic book can help boost your creativity skills. As you read or afterwards, you may get ideas that you can use to expand your business or even better your social life. Children can also benefit from the comics, as they will learn how to envision various characters and improve their concentration levels.

Indeed, it is possible to improve your health by reading Manga comic books. Most of them are lowly priced, but the best are quite expensive.

Crucial Lessons to Learn from Manga Comic Book Writers

Writing a thrilling Manga comic book is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have a unique set of skills and ability to convey information using graphics. Today, we look at some of the lessons that you can take from renowned comic book writers to become successful in this niche.


Storytelling should be the Main Focus

Despite the fact that art helps to make comic books engaging, you need to pay more attention to storytelling. Doing that will help you to come up with a strong story that will keep the readers engaged up to the final sentence.

Collaborate with Professional Editors

Hiring an editor to go through your work before publishing will help you to know if the book is ideal for the market. Otherwise, releasing a Manga comic book that is filled with typos and grammatical errors will hinder you from getting sales. For instance, collaborate with the editor when creating the cover page will help you come up with a design that best suits the story.

Character Style Illustration

The best comic books in the market have characters who are easy to visualize and relate to. Hence, you need to keep on improving your character style illustrations to give the target audience the best experience. It is also important to note that the styles that you choose should remain consistent throughout the book to prevent creating any confusion.

These are some of the main lessons that new comic book writers need to keep in mind during the content creation process. There is no limit on what you can achieve if you publish a high quality comic book and market it right.

Important Facts about Comic Books that you should know

Hundreds of people from all across the globe love reading comics. The thrill and creative used by the writers to describe various actions are the main factors that lure people to purchase them. Let us look at some of the things that you need to know about the modern comic books.

Manga comic

No More Fighting Villains

Back in the days, most of the comic books had super heroes whose main role in the story was to protect the society by fighting villains who had special super powers. Writer no longer do that any most books that have such a story line never make any substantial sales. In most modern comic books, the superheroes fight each other instead of villains. In short, the writers prefer a character driven storytelling method of conveying information than the conventional methods.

No More Collectible

A quick look at most of the books in the store shows that most of them have no collectibles. It is not recommendable to purchase a foil variant comic book copy that is “polybagged” unless you want to understand the idea behind the traditional comic books. Consider spending a few more dollars on a comic that has a unique and rare variant cover. Six or ten years down the road, you might get a chance to sell it a higher price to comic book collectors.

These are the two main things that you need to know when going to purchase comic books. However, the traditional comics are still interesting but outdated.