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Thanks for visiting our site, my name is John. For the last three years, we have been providing reviews of various comic books from different parts of the world. The clean reputation and huge traffic that we receive on a daily basis from search engines is enough proof that we offer the best information.

To ensure that we deliver quality content, we have networked with comic book writers who have in this industry for many years. Our personnel first go through the books to get a clear information of what the book is all about before publishing reviews. Despite the fact that we have a direct contact with the writers, our reviews are professional and unbiased.

We also work with publishers to ensure that we get some of the books before they hit the market. This has over the years helped us to start at the top of our game and give our ever-growing followers the best information.

Not everyone understands what comic books entails or what they yearn to achieve. As a result, we have put in placing a hiring process that enables us to hire writers who not only have writing skills, but also a passion and in-depth understanding of comics. This means that our site is ideal for both new and experienced comic lovers.

We have also have a support team that you can contact if you want to get insights on some of the books in the market. Unlike other sites, we do not charge consultation fees, our goal is to help you get the best comic books in the market.

Thank you