Pro Tips for Drawing Male Manga Characters

Drawing manga female characters is more complicated than female characters due to the many factors that you will have to keep in mind. The readers should be able to tell that a particular character is male or female before even reading their comments. Here are two tips that pros use to draw male characters.

male manga

What Kind of Male Character are you drawing?

In most manga books, it is very rare to see a female character who is not pretty, thin, and tall. On the other hand, the male characters are usually impish, short, ogreish, tall, and at times fat. Hence, you will need to consider the kind of male character that you want to use. For instance, if he is a geek, make him a little bit hunched over and the shoulders should be behind his head. An 8 head tall figure is also ideal if you want him to have the image of a dashing young man who is determine to conquer the world.

Body Figure

Most manga female characters have a body that curves around the stomach area and flare out around the hips. The male characters have torso, but there are not as curved as the female. You need to consider these two facts when drawing to do it right. For example, you can make the torso larger if you want to draw a beefy character.

Finally, you need to ensure that the legs have clear and curvy calves and block shape if you want to the character to have a masculine figure. After drawing, ask a friend to review your work before publishing to be sure that the characters resonate with your story line.

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